Thursday, 24 July 2014

Honey and Banana Teabread for Afternoon Tea

Do you have a fussy eater in the family?  When my children were growing up they weren't fussy eaters.  They ate just about everything I put in front of them. I wasn't prepared to mess about and they knew it. Now I have grandchildren the situation is quite different.  The youngest grandson was even fussy when tiny about the texture of food.  Even now he will eat raw carrots but not cooked carrots but he will eat carrot soup.  It isn't about taste it seems to be about texture so I think I get it!
     He doesn't like  to eat raw bananas but loved this Honey and Banana tea bread.  As his grandmother I feel it is my duty to spoil him and so it is now virtually all gone! This is also absolutely perfect for afternoon tea.

Honey and Banana Tea Bread

225g SR Flour
Pinch grated nutmeg
100g butter
225g bananas
100g castor sugar
grated peel of 1 lemon
2 large eggs
6 tablespoons of thick pale honey
You need to line the bottom of a greased 2lb loaf tin with greaseproof paper or baking parchment and preheat the oven to 160C , 140C fan or gas mark 3

Measure the flour and nutmeg into a bowl and rub in butter until it is like breadcrumbs

Peel and mash the bananas with a fork and stir into the flour mixture together with the sugar, lemon peel, eggs and the honey and beat.
Put into the prepared tin.
Bake for approx 1 hour 15 mins and test with a skewer stuck in the centre comes out clean. You might have to cover loosely with foil towards the end if it browns too much.
Cool for a few minutes in the tin then turn onto a cooling rack.
Topping (optional)
Warm another 2 tablespoons of honey in a small pan (very gently), brush over top of cold tea bread and sprinkle with sugar.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Garden and Park Picnics. How does your Garden Grow?

How does your garden grow?  There has been quite a lot to do in ours recently but it is producing a few vegetables and herbs recently. We have broad beans and courgettes and salad leaves all of which are ready and which we have been using.
We have some beautiful roses

Some lovely pots of flowers

containing begonias, bizzy lizzies, petunias etc.

we have hanging baskets

And gorgeous lavender.  next week the lilies will be out and so will the agapanthus. It is lovely to sit in the garden and watch the bees on the lilac.

We went to Belper River Gardens this week and took these pictures of the riverside walk


Lovely time to have meals in the garden and picnics in the park.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Grandad Behaving Badly and the Shed Picnic

We took a couple of our grandchildren to the park at the weekend.My husband also promised them one of his special picnics.  It is a lovely park and is a child's paradise.
Pirate ship and edge of boating lake

Climbing frame

 They had a lovely time and so did my husband. Because it is also a Grandad's paradise and he is still a child at heart.
Grandad behaving badly

It's supposed to be for children!

 He is a real fun grandad.
 After we had been to the park he promised the children a shed picnic. They loved it! So did he! Now why on earth anyone would want to have a meal in his shed? It was  a glorious summer day! Why not in the park or in a field or in the garden?  It absolutely baffles me but we did!!!
Getting ready for the shed picnic

In fact it was more than a picnic it was sausages, egg and chips. I try to  disapprove of this because I don't see it as healthy but he spoils them when they come and stay with us.This was coupled with the fact that we were going to have a family bbq in the evening  anyway!
So here are the pictures of the day.
Dining In.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

 Brilliant blog posts on

Monday, 14 July 2014

Belper Food Fayre

We went to Belper Food Fayre on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed the day. There was a wide variety of stalls selling all kinds of food and drink. We were not expecting it to be so big.  In fact there were crowds of people and lots and lots of stalls selling every kind of food and drink you could imagine.
Real Ale
Who ate all the pies?

Some of them had virtually sold out.  I am sure they all had a good day.

There was street entertainment too.

Brass Band at Belper

Afterwards we went to listen to the wonderful brass band playing in Belper River Gardens.
Adventure Playground at Belper

The children enjoyed the playground and the well dressings decorated in the traditional way with thousands of petals.

Walking by the river at Belper

We enjoyed the flowers and walks.

We know exactly how to do it next time.
1. Arrive early
2.  Buy food, buy drink.
3. Put in coolbox in car and remember suitable cutlery for picnic and cups.
4. Explore some of the shops etc. in Belper
5. Go to River Gardens with deck chairs and cool box.
6. Eat wonderful picnic of food and drink purchased at the Food Fayre.

Meal Planning Monday Using My New System

This is a different kind of meal plan.  It really is last week's!
The Plan :

  • plan for three days at a time and shop for those three days
  • one of the three days to be vegetarian
  • then use up some of what was in the fridge
  • buy food for the rest of the week
  • include one vegetarian meal in that
  • try at least one new recipe.

so that is the plan.

This is what I did then
Monday:  really really busy so just had Pizza with salad and a home made gooseberry crumble (already made and in the freezer)
Tuesday: baked salmon, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, peas. Rest of the crumble
Wednesday: This is what I had left to use up:
left overs including cooked potatoes

so I did this,
fry potatoes in oil
cooked the spinach, added some peppers and the eggs etc. Then I grated cheese on it

add beaten eggs to potatoes and add veg

added a thing I had made with red cabbage and apple and cloves, etc and came up with this. We just had yogurt for dessert

top with tomatoes and cheese and grill

Thursday I shopped again and made these gorgeous sausage rolls from a recipe by Paul Hollywood.  Absolutely delicious. Youcook onions in a little sugar and balsamic vinegar to add to them and the flaky pastry was quite easy to make.
home made sausage rolls containing onion chutney
We had them with the rest of the red cabbage thing I made (it was cooked in white wine vinegar so rather nice) dessert was yogurt again.

Friday:  I made beetroot soup and we had cheese and homemade coleslaw (made with the rest of the cabbage) and homemade bread and gooseberry pie (gooseberries from the garden).
beetroot soup

using up the rest of the cabbage

Saturday: (with grandchildren) so their favourite :sausages, chips, peas. Strawberries and ice cream and Peter made a current loaf and a madeira cake.
Sunday: Picnic in the garden shed with the children at lunch time. ( Yes, I know!)   BBQ with whole family.
By shopping twice a week nothing wasted and fun concocting new meals with left overs.

mpm different fonts.png

Friday, 11 July 2014

Reasons to Be Cheerful Good Customers, Garden and Grandchildren

# r2bc Three Reasons to Be Cheerful this Week and all beginning with G.
We had a very busy weekend selling our cutlery on line and one customer emailed us to say how delighted he was with our service and another telephoned us to thank us personally. It is so nice of people to take the trouble to do that.  I have to say that the overwhelming number of our customers are really lovely and we are very lucky in that some have stayed loyal to us for many years.
Summer is usually our quietest time of year (apart from things like children's cutlery and wedding cake knives and afternoon tea items for tea rooms which seem to fly out) .This meant we have had chance to keep on top of the garden a little bit, and isn't it a joy to get the washing dry!  The garden has given us a lot of pleasure this week so this is my second reason.

Finally, we will be having two of our grandchildren to stay over later in the week which always gives us a lot of pleasure, they are such fun.So Good Customers, Gardening and Grandchildren.
I hope your week was good,too.  If so why not add your blog to the linky over on. Lakes Single Mum
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