Sunday, 13 October 2013

Agios Nikolias and Elounda and the Freshest Fish Restaurants

We recently returned from a wonderful break in Crete. It is our third visit to Crete and this time we went to Agios Nikolias. Have you read the book called "The Island" by Victoria Hislop? I wanted to visit that island so we stayed nearby. I hope these pictures will give you a little taste of our wonderful holiday and maybe even inspire you to go there.
This was the view from our hotel balcony. The hotel, although four star was in need of a bit of a refurb but the food was wonderful and so were the staff. We have been told that it has been sold to the Russians. They seem to be the ones who have money to buy hotels etc. at the moment.
This is a little beach nearby. The sea is perfectly calm with no waves and it is perfect for children. The water gets deeper very gently and you can wade out as far as your shoulders........then you think you might just as well be swimming! The sea was beautifully warm.
This little hotel owner had a brilliant and colourful way of attracting visitors and guests!
on the bus to Elounda
Here we are on a short ride on the local bus to Elounda. This is a small but incredibly beautiful town nearby.
still on the way to Elounda

The journey there was stunning.
and here we are arriving at Elounda.  I would love to come back to this lovely place next year. I don't want to stay at a big hotel, though. I would like to stay in one of the little self catering apartments or cottages. The reason is that there were so many little family run restaurants jutting out into the sea. The owners of fish restaurants often take your order then go out in their boat to bring back your fish from their nets.
a walk in Elounda
There are also so wonderful food shops selling local produce such as fresh, really fresh fruit and vegetables, olive oil, freshly baked break in all sorts of forms and fish. So it would be fun to self cater.We went for a walk in Elounda. it is so very beautiful as you can see.

Roman pavement and mosaic at Elounda 
and out of the blue we came across this Roman pavement!! So very unexpected.  The whole area was gorgeous. Later I will tell you about our trip to Spinalonga.

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Erica Price said...

I thought Elounda was very beautiful and I'd be keen to stay there if we go to Crete again. The views are stunning and I'm tempted by the sound of those fish restaurants.