Monday, 14 October 2013

Meal Planning Without Shopping

Meal planning this week is NOT going to involve shopping. There are plenty of vegetables from the garden still, in the form of runner beans, courgettes, tomatoes, baby leeks and we have a store of our own apples . Not only that but there is plenty in the fridge and larder to create meals. I may not stick to this but here goes:
Monday: a busy day so
Leeks in cheese sauce. runner beans, carrots and new potatoes with mint.
Dessert: home made trifle
Tuesday: mushroom risotto, tomatoes, roasted peppers, runner beans
Dessert: fresh fruit salad
Wednesday:salmon fillets with lemon and parsley, new potatoes, runner beans and peas.
Dessert: fresh fruit salad
Thursday: pasta with a salmon sauce, baby leeks, baked tomatoes
Dessert: baked apples stuffed with dried fruit.
Friday: cheese omelet, home made oven chips, peas, baked tomatoes.
Dessert: home made rice pudding.
Saturday: Casserole using braising steak, onions, carrots and celery. Dumplings with horse radish filling. Baked potatoes.
Sunday: Not sure what is happening yet.
chopping vegetables


Kim Carberry said...

Ohh I only dream of a week with no
Everything sounds fab! Especially the puddings :) x

Joanna Henley said...

Oh my, that sounds utterly delicious! xx